Let’s Talk…Bikini Body


Let’s Talk…Bikini Body

As we are about to be in the full swing of pool season, let’s talk about one thing we all start to think about around this time of year, Bikini Body.  As some of us are very excited to show off those bodies we have been working so hard for after committing to the healthy lifestyle, others may be a bit more hesitant to embrace this time of year.  Today, we are going to break this concept down and maybe sway you to start embracing this season NO MATTER WHAT.

Now, it is no secret that since the invention of the bikini by Louis Réar in 1946, we have been convinced that to rock and feel comfortable in the summertime at the pool or the beach, we must look a certain way, more specifically, be incredibly slim, be toned but not too toned, lack cellulite entirely and overall, in more simple terms, be perfect.  Here’s the hard and beautiful truth, none of us are perfect. This is what makes us all so uniquely beautiful.                                                  

The most daunting thing we ALL fear, is how we are perceived and judged in a setting that can be considered very vulnerable, because you are in fact putting yourself out there with the intent to relax, let the sun kiss your skin while you let the crisp water cool you off as you sip on a refreshing cocktail. As you just took that in and set yourself in that setting, keep in mind that to enjoy yourself is the entire purpose of why you are at a pool or beach in the first place.  So, why let how others judge our bodies take away from that experience?  Because, let me tell you something, slim, toned but not too toned, cellulite free people are not the only ones that get to enjoy the pool/beachy vibes and certainly also worry just as much about how they are perceived because we are all humans after all. Keep in mind that no matter what we look like, whether we have the perfect slim body or are extra curvy, or fall somewhere in between, we all are our own worst critic and we all, always wonder how we are being perceived or judged, it doesn’t matter what we look like.  The key to it all is mindset, let’s say someone does think negatively of the way you look, who cares?  Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and guess what, as soon as someone has formed their opinion, they immediately move on to the next thing to form an opinion about and most of the time they are more worried about themselves than they are about you anyways, vicious cycle isn’t it? 

                It’s not what you look like or others’ opinions that determines your worth or whether you are allowed to be comfortable in a bikini.  So, if you are a person that struggles with this, remember that your beauty comes from within, and confidence is key.  If you are not where you want to be when it comes to your health goals, that’s okay! Learn to embrace the journey, get yourself down to the pool, let the sun kiss your forehead and remember that you are beautiful through your journey to a healthy lifestyle not just after you have achieved all of your goals.

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