Progress not Perfection..


Progress not Perfection..

As we are approaching the end of the month, we figured that a little bit of a pep talk regarding motivation is necessary for us all!  When gearing toward the last days of the month, many of us sit down with ourselves and reflect on our work over the month.

As we begin to set up the next month’s goals, we need to take into consideration motivation.

Let’s dive into this concept a bit and recognize what it is about motivation that makes it so difficult to stick with because here is the thing, anyone could sit her and claim that motivation is easy, hyping yourself up to achieve a desired habit, just requires you to “stop being lazy,” but let’s be real, staying motivated takes more than just not be lazy.

What most of us fail to recognize is the fact that before truly committing to creating a new habit/goal, it is essential to spend time prepping for what is to come.  This phase is the most underrated and under talked stage.  Whenever we decide to take a new habit/goal on, the very first thing we need to understand is the “why.”  Why is this so important to us and “how” is this change going to benefit us?  Truly amerce yourself in this thought.  The answers to these questions will in result allow us to stay inspired.  Inspiration is the root of all change.  Inspiration, however, is not enough, for it is discipline that allows us to stay in the course that we need to be on to achieve true change toward real results. 

          Once we figure out our “why” and our “how,” we begin to be challenged by the next level needed unlocked, that will allow us to see true results, which is consistency.  Consistency is the key to all change, whether that change is positive or negative is completely up to us, we have the ability to control that, a power we take for granted daily.  This is when we get to the most challenging part of growth.  If we were to take the time needed to recognize that growth alone is painful, we would also understand that we need to prepare to deal with that pain, the same exact way we grow muscle by ripping fibers, except this is all mental work.                                                                                                                                Most of us focus on this mindset with the purpose of achieving perfection, which then will ultimately get us to the results we want, right? 

No, the kicker is that perfection is not your friend through this journey, instead it is good old consistency.  When we focus on perfection, we end up feeling defeated because we will never achieve perfection, we are human.   

Just know that committing to consistency over anything else, is what will get you true results and even if you fail, get back up and keep going, this is the key to achieving your goals.  You have to suck at something before you get good at it, no matter what the genre is, consistency is the only way you will get there, so allow consistency to be your new best friend and chose it over perfection.

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