Wellness Workshops

April Workshop

April 19th

Join us for a transformative journey into the world of Nutrition! Our enriching workshops offer you an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and understanding of health.
Uncover the secrets to a nourishing lifestyle through captivating and informative sessions, focusing on weight management, mindful eating, and meal planning.
Our interactive workshops are offered once a month with a different topic covered during each session. Refreshments are included and complimentary B12 shots are given to those who qualify.

Workshops Include:

-1 hour group classes with a Registered Dietitian
-Handouts and Information given
-Refreshments provided
-Friendly & Supportive atmosphere
-B12 shot
-8 Participant Max
Workshop Cost: $25 
*may be covered by some insurance plans

April Workshop

‘Protein Packed Power Session’

   April 19th: 12-1pm

Learn all about protein from supplements, types of proteins and how to calculate how much protein you really need!