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Metabolism is the biochemical process of combining nutrients with oxygen to release the energy our bodies need to function.

Your metabolism is influenced by many factors – including age, gender, muscle-to-fat ratio, amount of physical activity and hormone function…and most importantly CRASH DIETS!

Although we can slow or damage our metabolism we can also reset or ‘fix’ our metabolism.

Our Metabolic protocol is designed to help you understand your metabolism and implement dietary changes along with weekly Lipotropic B12 shots to promote a healthy metabolism and weight loss.

Our 8 week protocol starts with a Comprehensive Nutrition Assessment and start of your weekly Lipotropic injections. You will follow up with your Registered Dietitian every other week for 6 weeks for continued monitoring and goal setting.

Your first Metabolic Test will be conducted at your second visit with your Dietitian. We do this to allow your body to lose any water weight you may be holding on to and allow your initial recommendations time to take effect. You will have a second metabolic test conducted at your final visit and will determine follow up visits with your Dietitian.

Our visits are covered by most major insurance carriers so please contact our office with any questions regarding coverage!


Lipotropic (MIC Plus B12) Shots

Lipotropic injections are non-invasive and will give your body a powerful boost to burn fat faster than before. Some of the benefits of lipotropic injections include: Energy & Mood Boost – Lipotropic injections can boost energy levels, which in turn can improve your overall mood and vitality.



Metabolic Testing

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) represents the calories that the body burns each day to maintain vital body functions (e.g., heart rate, brain function, breathing, etc.). In simple terms, it is the number of calories a person would burn if they were sitting in a chair all day long doing nothing.

Since metabolism accounts for a majority of the total calories a person needs each day, it is an important component to establishing daily calorie needs, whether they are trying to lose or maintain bodyweight.

Our Metabolic Test can measure oxygen consumption and determine a client’s calorie needs. Measuring oxygen consumption, rather than using estimates, allows wellness professionals to make the most accurate decisions for their client.

With a simple breathing test of 10 minutes or less, a patient can now have their unique metabolism measured for developing a personalized nutrition and activity plan that is best for their weight management goals.

Testing Cost: $125  which includes full hour appointment (testing is 10 minutes) to interpret full report and provide recommendations.

If using insurance out of pocket cost is $40.