The Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type Diet has been around for 22 years but has gained more popularity in the past decade. The Blood Type Diet focuses on the fundamental relationship between your blood type and the dietary and lifestyle choices that will help you live at your very best.

The blood type connection is based on these factors:

  • Your blood type- O, A, B or AB- is a powerful genetic fingerprint in your DNA, especially when it comes to how you nourish yourself
  • The theory behind this diet is that when you use the individualized characteristics of your blood type as a guide point for eating and living, you will be healthier and naturally reach your ideal weight and slow the process of aging
  • Your blood type is a reliable measure of your identity and it is a genetic blueprint for who you are, a guide to how you can live a healthier life.  
  • The key to the significance of blood type can be found in the story of human development and expansions
    • Type O appeared in our survivalist ancestors (the hunter-gatherers)
  • Type A evolved with the agrarian society (community based on producing and maintaining crops and farmland)
  • Type B emerged as humans migrated north into the colder, harsher territories
  • Type AB was a thoroughly modern adaptation, a result of the intermingling of disparate groups

This evolutionary story relates directly to the dietary needs of each blood type today.

Ultimately, the story of our survival is tied to our digestive and immune systems along with our ability to acclimate to different environmental challenges.  It is in these two areas that most of the distinctions between blood types are found.

Dr. Peter J D’Adamo’s research in these areas led him to the write the book ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type, the individualized Blood Type Diet Solution’.

While the ‘Blood Type Diet’ has not been clinically proven as effective the science behind it is fascinating!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog ‘Nutrition and Blood Codes’ as we discuss the specifics of each blood type in relation to Nutrition.

We will close out this topic with our live Webinar on September 30th to answer any and all questions!

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