5 Steps to Make Peace with Food

Proceed through these steps at a comfortable pace, there is no need to feel over whelmed. Building up trust in yourself takes time.

These steps are part of Intuitive Eating so if you are just getting started on a healthier lifestyle and this feels like too much please reach out to a Registered Dietitian for assistance and clarity on how to prioritize your journey to a healthier life!

5 Steps to Make Peace with Food

  1. Pay attention to the foods that are appealing to you and make a list of them

  2. Put a check by the foods you actually do eat, then circle remaining foods that you’ve been restricting

  3. Give yourself permission to eat one forbidden food from your list, then go to the market and buy this food, or order it at a restaurant

  4. Check in with yourself to see if the food tastes as good as you imagined. If you find that you really like it, continue to give yourself permission to buy or order it

  5. Make sure that you keep enough of the food in your kitchen so that you know that it will be there if you want it. Or if that seems too scary, go to a restaurant and order the particular food as often as you like

Once you’ve made peace with one food, continue on with your list until all the foods are tried, evaluated, and freed. If you list is quite large, which is possible, experts have found that you don’t have to experience each and every food listed. What is important is that you continue this process until you truly know you can eat what you want.

Reference: Tribole, E. & Resch, E. 2012. Intuitive Eating: A revolutionary program that works. St Martin’s Griffin New York

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