Are Mini Work Outs the New Way of Exercising?


Are Mini Work Outs the New Way of Exercising?

If you haven’t heard about mini works yet, allow us to break it down for a sec.  Mini work outs consist of one big work out session broken down into shorter, more frequent sessions that only last 5-10 minutes, around four times a day.  This new twist on exercise is changing the traditional aspect of working out by adding the elements of flexibility and convenience, while subtracting the negative pressure that may arise to some when thinking of having to accomplish a 40 minute to an hour workout session.        

The question here is, are mini work outs just as effective as a one long session? After doing some digging, the answer is Yes!  Yes, doing multiple short work outs throughout the day is just as effective as knocking it out all at once.  As a matter of fact, more and more people are starting to get more drawn to this way of exercising because you can literally do it anywhere any time and could even potentially avoid having to change your clothes, you just have to dedicate time for it.                                                                                                                                                As a matter of fact, it’s a great place to start if the thought of getting in your car to head to the gym fills your body up with anxiety due to the pressure to perform which may follow with guilt if you decide to let the anxiety win.  None of that sounds motivating, so either buckle up buttercup and get yourself to the gym or start by committing yourself to mini work outs which will then eventually lead you to walk into the gym with a prepared mindset.  Or you could just stick to your mini work outs if you decide that this way fits your lifestyle much better, as mentioned before, the science suggests that these type of work outs are just as effective.  Plus, the reason why you eventually will end up in the gym with a happy mindset versus an anxious one, is because mini work outs have proven to increase one thing that we all love to experience, which is confidence.  Once completing one mini work out, your brain feels accomplished and proud leaving you wanting more of this feeling.  Talk about a confidence boost!

Allow us to give you a proper example of what a mini work out looks like:

  • 10 bodyweight squads
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 10 push ups
  • 20 second plank
  • 10 glute bridges
  • 20 seconds of rest
  • Repeat until the 10 minutes are up

BAM!  There you have it, you don’t even need equipment for this example, it is completely up to you.

            Of course, we are not suggesting that doing mini workouts is better than going to the gym for an hour.  Not at all, some very much look forward to the hour they get to spend at the gym with the energy it offers.  This is just introducing a different approach that could be a better fit for your lifestyle, if finding the time to go to gym seems to always be a challenge.  To know that there are more options supporting flexibility and convenience that allow us to still rock out our goals, is a big bonus!

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