3 Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays


3 Tips to Stay on Track During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of cheer, merriment, and goodwill. They are a time we get to spend with our family, friends and loved ones. The holidays are also a time of food… and lots of it! Unfortunately for many of our patients, due to medical conditions, medications, or just simply wanting to stay on track with goals they’ve set this can cause some serious stress!!

But don’t fret!! There are several things you can do to successfully navigate holiday eating. We have 3 tips you can follow while celebrating during the holidays. They are simple, manageable, and can easily help you stay healthy during the holidays.

Tip #1: Pack Snacks When Traveling. When you pack your suitcase, don’t forget to
include some healthy snacks such as trail mix, whole grain granola bars, dried fruit and whole
grain crackers. These healthy snacks can keep you tied over in between meals, especially if you
are on the go. And the best part is that they do not have to be refrigerated!

Tip #2: Incorporate Physical Activity. I know this time of year gets busy, but it can be
easy to incorporate some daily physical activity. If you go to the store, power walk around the
perimeter before shopping. If you are traveling, make plans to walk around to site see or to go
and eat. Take the family on a walking holiday outing such as a Christmas tree farm or Christmas
light tour. Enjoy your activities while also being active.

Tip #3: Portion Control. This is by far the most important. When you eat during
the holidays of course you want to enjoy Moms mashed potatoes with gravy, and Aunt Carol’s
pumpkin pie. But before you fill up on these delicious (but heavier) dishes, fill your plate with
healthy options such as smoked turkey, steamed green beans, green salad, and grapes. And
remember, don’t starve yourself all day to “offset the calories”. We tend to eat more when we are
starving! Instead, eat a healthy breakfast, light lunch, and make smart choices at dinner.

Holiday meals can make staying fit, healthy, and maintaining our weight more difficult.
Just remember to follow these 3 tips to successfully eat your way through the holidays, without
the extra weight. Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday season!

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