5 Things Dietitians Do at Thanksgiving


5 Things Dietitians Do at Thanksgiving

  1. Don’t overcompensate with your calories

             Don’t starve yourself until supper! Simply treat it like any other meal. You wouldn’t fast all day normally, so why do it on Thanksgiving? Try to honor your hunger and fill your plate with the amount you think will satisfy you. Dry to balance the rest of your day with fruits, vegetables, and protein.

By eating a balanced diet prior, you won’t arrive completely famished and can make more sensible decisions.

2. Take a lap around the table first.

Survey all of the delicious foods at your gathering before you commit to your plate. Choose the foods that you really want rather than load your plate up with everything available.

3. Stay Hydrated!

It’s inevitable that we are going to eat more salt than recommended on Thanksgiving.  To avoid the water weight gain, make sure to stay hydrated! Start the day with a bottle of water and commit to having 1 glass of water before and during your Thanksgiving feast.

4. Stay Guilt Free!

Make a decision before the holiday that you are going to allow yourself to enjoy your meal. There is not one snack or meal that will make you overweight. Don’t try to over compensate the next day by undereating, detoxing, or fasting. Eat the meal and move on!

5. Take a walk

  As hard as it is you should try to take a nice walk after any large meal. This will help your food digest and allow you to get a breath of fresh air!

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