Bariatric University

Bariatric University

Are you are preparing for Bariatric Surgery? Are you interested in the process? Or, maybe you have already had Bariatric Surgery but would like a little more guidance. Whatever your individual need, Bariatric University can help.

Our Bariatric University offers a 12-week nutrition focused course specifically designed to help you navigate some of the many aspects related to Bariatric Surgery.

Classes are conveniently held every other week virtually, with a Registered Dietitian. In addition, class size is kept small so that participants get the time and attention they need and want. Having a smaller class also allows our participants the ability to reflect on previous class topics, have time for discussions, and allows for individualized support.

By completing our Bariatric University course, you will learn the basics of Bariatric Surgery, what nutrition is required pre and post-surgery, and most importantly, how to build a strong healthy relationship with food. Your Dietitian will guide you through the process of discovering your personal
relationship with food, so that you can gain the tools necessary to become a confident and intuitive eater.

Course Cost: $250
Required Text: Principles of Intuitive Eating (available on Amazon)